github discordjs/discord.js 11.3.2


  • Fixes bug causing bots to go silently offline after ~40 minutes (#2378)
  • Includes TypeScript Definitions for the library


  • Guild#defaultChannel is now deprecated, there will be no fallback/alternative (407500bf52c932fc184ec558df637d929dd417f5)
  • Permissions: READ_MESSAGES is now deprecated, use VIEW_CHANNEL instead (1fe201ae90d554feafbd476bdc12dd00190d8a50)
  • ClientUser#setGame, use ClientUser#setActivity instead (cd066849ad14a61229a95ff7796886ee1560388e)


  • Properly reset the remaining ratelimit of the gateway connection after reset (c8f78b2bf087526ee927e0f00294cd4d8969b7a5)
latest releases: 13.2.0, 13.1.0, 13.0.1...
3 years ago