github discordjs/discord.js 11.3.1


  • Fixes bugs from 11.3
  • Improves documentation & adds examples


  • Guild#defaultChannel is now deprecated, there will be no fallback/alternative (407500bf52c932fc184ec558df637d929dd417f5)
  • Permissions: READ_MESSAGES is now deprecated, use VIEW_CHANNEL instead (1fe201ae90d554feafbd476bdc12dd00190d8a50)
  • ClientUser#setGame, use ClientUser#setActivity instead (cd066849ad14a61229a95ff7796886ee1560388e)


  • Disconnect from voice and remove channels of a guild upon leaving it (3df374192295805a2a3975a19501f7b4e0591646)
  • Fix VoiceConnection#playOpusStream by passing along opus option to the StreamDispatcher (96904b1826dfb38d4f8ba0cbf773e9d2cfd7b7cc)
  • Guild#createRole incorrect guild reference (932980e91f1610ae29e1a5d2b10d6b4cd7253f7f)
  • Fix param in ClientUser#setPresence (8cbefcc081ea3f386437ee0ddefcc6aaac766e7a)
  • Don't overwrite typing entry making it impossible to stop typing in a channel (8df1ac9920a20d74c7d5cd15ee0124f6e7236abc)
  • Set the type in CategoryChannelto category and document its type (b5ff309bf985a43da4229421ac53b68f216edede)
  • Webhook#send documented and returned incorrectly (e978253896676ad52db2461ddbb8f25b34453582)
  • resolveColor not interpreting DEFAULT correctly (52c402faea7f3256e1bb466d2b5727d68beff362)
  • Do not create additional guild instances when re-identifying as new session (dc92582eb45a25adc675af78dba68fa483f2a6aa)
  • Let the process end gracefully after calling Client#destroy (af75e43900e01fae31c65a2871dd9d4a3c519c0f)
  • Properly ratelimit the gateway with 120/60 instead of 60/120 (7f5c1038db5366a948eae5825b637ba8119349c8)
  • GuildAuditLogs using Guild#fetchInvites (acdf43a8721a09668f459a098f8b77b7949b0aac)
  • Export CategoryChannel (f64e924f0d880a62cabab22578793d2530860b44)
  • Guild#fetchAuditLogs no longer internally calls Guild#fetchInvites (acdf43a8721a09668f459a098f8b77b7949b0aac)
  • TextChannel#BulkDelete discarding non-cached messages (363ead922a5006f3b199af932b8b29ae8913b812)
  • RichEmbed didn't clone with timestamp (8f9e911b5f97eeff5b3a17c2242f69daf9f9ce4e)
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