github diaspora/diaspora v0.7.5.0

latest releases: v0.7.18.1, v0.7.18.0, v0.7.17.0...
4 years ago


  • Remove the 'make contacts in this aspect visible to each other' option #7769
  • Remove the requirement to have at least two users to disable the /podmin redirect #7783
  • Randomize start times of daily Sidekiq-Cron jobs #7787

Bug fixes

  • Prefill conversation form on contacts page only with mutual contacts #7744
  • Fix profiles sometimes not loading properly in background tabs #7740
  • Show error message when creating posts with invalid aspects #7742
  • Fix mention syntax backport for two immediately consecutive mentions #7777
  • Fix link to 'make yourself an admin' #7783
  • Fix calculation of content lengths when cross-posting to twitter #7791


  • Make public stream accessible for logged out users #7775
  • Add account-merging support when receiving an account migration #7803

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