github diaspora/diaspora v0.7.3.0

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4 years ago


  • Work on the data downloads: Fixed general layout of buttons, added a timestamp and implemented auto-deletion of old exports #7684
  • Increase Twitter character limit to 280 #7694
  • Improve password autocomplete with password managers #7642
  • Remove the limit of participants in private conversations #7705
  • Send blocks to the blocked persons pod for better UX #7705
  • Send a dummy participation on all incoming public posts to increase interaction consistency #7708

Bug fixes

  • Fix invite link on the contacts page when the user has no contacts #7690
  • Fix the mobile bookmarklet when called without parameters #7698
  • Properly build the #newhere message for people who got invited #7702
  • Fix the admin report view for posts without text #7706
  • Upgrade Nokogiri to fix a disclosed vulnerability in libxml2


  • Check if redis is running in script/server #7685

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