github diaspora/diaspora v0.7.18.0

latest release: v0.7.18.1
4 months ago


  • Fix order-dependent jasmine test failures and switch to random order #8333
  • Get rid of some uses of "execute_script" in feature specs #8331
  • Fix deprecation warnings for sidekiq 7.0 #8359
  • Remove entypo-rails dependency to prepare for rails 6 #8361
  • Remove compass-rails dependency which is not supported anymore #8362
  • Switch to sassc-rails which speeds up assets:precompile a lot #8362
  • Remove markerb dependency which doesn't exist anymore #8365
  • Upgrade to rails 6.1 #8366
  • Update the suggested Ruby version to 2.7. If you run into trouble during the update and you followed our installation guides, run rvm install 2.7. #8366
  • Upgrade to bundler 2 #8366
  • Stop checking /.well-known/host-meta, check for /.well-known/nodeinfo instead #8377
  • Handle NodeInfo timeouts gracefully #8380

Bug fixes

  • Fix that no mails were sent after photo export #8365
  • Fix people with quotes in the name causing issues with mail sender #8365


  • Render posts and comments as HTML in HTML mails #8365
  • Add NodeInfo 2.1 support and also read newer versions of NodeInfo #8379

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