github diaspora/diaspora v0.7.15.0

latest releases: v0.7.18.1, v0.7.18.0, v0.7.17.0...
19 months ago


  • Replaced some http:// links in the UI with their https:// counterparts #8207
  • Testing: Replaced phantomjs with headless Chrome/Chromium #8234

Bug fixes

  • Update comment counter when deleting a comment in the Single Post View #7938
  • Link diaspora only poduptime list #8174
  • Delete a user's invitation code during account deletion #8202
  • Bump mimemagic #8231
  • Removed support for defunct Uni Heidelberg OSM tile server, Mapbox is now required if you want to show maps #8215
  • Render only two fractional digits in the posts per user/day admin statistics #8227
  • Make aspect dropdowns scrollable #8213
  • Fix Photo#ownserhip_of_status_message validation #8214


  • Support and recommend TOML as configuration format #8132

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