github diaspora/diaspora v0.6.5.0

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5 years ago


  • Remove unused setPreload function #7354
  • Remove jQuery deprecations #7356
  • Use empty selector where "#" was used as a selector before (prepare jQuery 3 upgrade) #7372
  • Increase maximal height of large thumbnail on mobile #7383
  • Reduce conversation recipient size #7376
  • Cleanup rtl css #7374
  • Increase visual spacing between list items #7401
  • Remove unused gem and cucumber step #7410
  • Disable CSP header when report_only and no report_uri is set #7367

Bug fixes

  • Don't hide posts when blocking someone from the profile #7379
  • Disable autocomplete for the conversation form recipient input #7375
  • Fix sharing indicator on profile page for blocked users #7382
  • Remove post only after a successful deletion on the server #7385
  • Fix an issue where pod admins could get logged out when using sidekiq-web #7395
  • Add avatar fallback for typeahead and conversations #7414


  • Add links to liked and commented pages #5502

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