github diaspora/diaspora v0.6.3.0

latest releases: v0.7.18.1, v0.7.18.0, v0.7.17.0...
5 years ago


  • Increase the spacing above and below post contents #7267
  • Replace fileuploader-custom with FineUploader #7083
  • Always show mobile reaction counts #7207
  • Refactor mobile alerts for error responses #7227
  • Switch content and given reason in the reports overview #7180

Bug fixes

  • Fix background color of year on notifications page with dark theme #7263
  • Fix jasmine tests in firefox #7246
  • Prevent scroll to top when clicking 'mark all as read' in the notification dropdown #7253
  • Update existing notifications in dropdown on fetch #7270
  • Fix link to post on mobile photo page #7274
  • Fix some background issues on dark mobile themes #7278


  • Add links to the aspects and followed tags pages on mobile #7265
  • diaspora* is now available in Gàidhlig, Occitan, and Schwiizerdütsch

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