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Warning: This release contains long migrations

This diaspora* releases comes with a few database cleanup migrations and they could possible take a while. While you should always do that, it is especially important this time to make sure you run the migrations inside a detachable environment like screen or tmux. A interrupted SSH session could possibly harm your database. Also, please make a backup.

The DB environment variable is gone

With Bundler 1.10 supporting optional groups, we removed the DB environment variable. When updating to this release, please update
bundler and select the database support you want:

gem install bundler
bundle install --with mysql # For MySQL and MariaDB
bundle install --with postgresql # For PostgreSQL

For production setups we now additionally recommend adding the --deployment flag.
If you set the DB environment variable anywhere, that's no longer necessary.

Supported Ruby versions

This release recommends using Ruby 2.3, while retaining Ruby 2.1 as an officially supported version.
Ruby 2.0 is no longer officially supported.

Configuration changes

Please note that the default listen parameter for production setups got
changed. diaspora* will no longer listen on as it will now
bind to an UNIX socket at unix:tmp/diaspora.sock. Please change your local
diaspora.yml if necessary.

Redis namespace support dropped

We dropped support for Redis namespaces in this release. If you previously set
a custom namespace, please note that diaspora* will no longer use the
configured value. By default, Redis supports up to 8 databases which can be
selected via the Redis URL in diaspora.yml. Please check the examples
provided in our configuration example file.

Terms of Use design changes

With the port to Bootstrap 3, app/views/terms/default.haml has a new structure. If you have created a customised app/views/terms/terms.haml or app/views/terms/terms.erb file, you will need to edit those files to base your customisations on the new default.haml file.

API authentication

This release makes diaspora* a OpenID Connect provider. This means you can authenticate to third parties with your diaspora* account and let
them act as your diaspora* account on your behalf. This feature is still considered in early development, we still expect edge cases and advanced
features of the specificiation to not be handled correctly or be missing. But we expect a basic OpenID Connect compliant client to work. Please submit issues!
We will also most likely still change the authorization scopes we offer and started with a very minimal set.
Most work still required is on documentation as well as designing and implementing the data API for all of Diaspora's functionality.
Contributions are very welcome, the hard work is done!

Vines got replaced by Prosody

Due to many issues with Vines, we decided to remove Vines and offer a Prosody
example configuration instead. Check the

for more information on how to migrate to Prosody if you've been using Vines

Sidekiq queue changes

We've decreased the amount of sidekiq queues from 13 to 5 in PR #6950.
The new queues are organized according to priority for the jobs they will process. When upgrading please make sure to
empty the sidekiq queues before shutting down the server for an update.

If you run your sidekiq with a custom queue configuration, please make sure to update that for the new queues.

The new queues are: urgent, high, medium, low, default.

When you upgrade to the new version, some jobs may persist in the old queues. To move them to the default queue,
so they're processed, run:

bin/rake migrations:legacy_queues

Note that this will retry all dead jobs, if you want to prevent that empty the dead queue first.

The command will report queues that still have jobs and launch sidekiq process for that queues.


  • Improve bookmarklet #5904
  • Update listen configuration to listen on unix sockets by default #5974
  • Port to Bootstrap 3 #6015
  • Use a fixed width for the mobile drawer #6057
  • Replace jquery.autoresize with autosize #6104
  • Improve mobile conversation design #6087
  • Replace remaining faceboxes with Bootstrap modals #6106 #6161
  • Rewrite header using Bootstrap 3 #6109 #6130 #6132
  • Use upstream CSS mappings for Entypo #6158
  • Replace some mobile icons with Entypo #6218
  • Refactor publisher backbone view #6228
  • Replace MBP.autogrow with autosize on mobile #6261
  • Improve mobile drawer transition #6233
  • Remove unused header icons and an unused favicon #6283
  • Replace mobile icons for post interactions with Entypo icons #6291
  • Replace jquery.autocomplete with typeahead.js #6293
  • Redesign sidebars on stream pages #6309
  • Improve ignored users styling #6349
  • Use Blueimp image gallery instead of lightbox #6301
  • Unify mobile and desktop header design #6285
  • Add white background and box-shadow to stream elements #6324
  • Override Bootstrap list group design #6345
  • Clean up publisher code #6336
  • Port conversations to new design #6431
  • Hide cancel button in publisher on small screens #6435
  • Replace mobile background with color #6415
  • Port flash messages to backbone #6395
  • Change login/registration/forgot password button color #6504
  • A note regarding ignoring users was added to the failure messages on commenting/liking #6646
  • Replace sidetiq with sidekiq-cron #6616
  • Refactor mobile comment section #6509
  • Set vertical resize as default for all textareas #6654
  • Unifiy max-widths and page layouts #6675
  • Enable autosizing for all textareas #6674
  • Stream faces are gone #6686
  • Refactor mobile javascript and add tests #6394
  • Dropped parent_author_signature from relayables #6586
  • Attached ShareVisibilities to the User, not the Contact #6723
  • Refactor mentions input, now based on typeahead.js #6728
  • Optimized the pod up checks #6727
  • Prune and do not create aspect visibilities for public posts #6732
  • Optimized mobile login and registration forms #6764
  • Redesign stream pages #6535
  • Improve search and mentions suggestions #6788
  • Redesign back to top button #6782
  • Adjusted Facebook integration for a successful review #6778
  • Redirect to the sign-in page instead of the stream on account deletion #6784
  • Removed own unicorn killer by a maintained third-party gem #6792
  • Removed deprecated REDISTOGO_URL environment variable #6863
  • Use Poltergeist instead of Selenium #6768
  • Redesigned the landing page and added dedicated notes for podmins #6268
  • Moved the entire federation implementation into its own gem. 🎉 #6873
  • Remove StatusMessage#raw_message #6921
  • Extract photo export into a service class #6922
  • Use handlebars template for aspect membership dropdown #6864
  • Extract relayable signatures into their own tables #6932
  • Remove outdated columns from posts table #6940
  • Remove some unused routes #6781
  • Consolidate sidekiq queues #6950
  • Don't re-render the whole comment stream when adding comments #6406
  • Drop legacy invitation system #6976
  • More consistent and updated meta tags throughout #6998

Bug fixes

  • Destroy Participation when removing interactions with a post #5852
  • Improve accessibility of a couple pages #6227
  • Capitalize "Powered by diaspora" #6254
  • Display username and avatar for NSFW posts in mobile view #6245
  • Prevent multiple comment boxes on mobile #6363
  • Correctly display location in post preview #6429
  • Do not fail when submitting an empty comment in the mobile view #6543
  • Limit flash message width on small devices #6529
  • Add navbar on mobile when not logged in #6483
  • Fix timeago tooltips for reshares #6648
  • "Getting started" is now turned off after first visit on mobile #6681
  • Fixed a 500 when liking on mobile without JS enabled #6683
  • Fixed profile image upload in the mobile UI #6684
  • Fixed eye not stopping all processes when trying to exit script/server #6693
  • Do not change contacts count when marking notifications on the contacts page as read #6718
  • Fix typeahead for non-latin characters #6741
  • Fix upload size error on mobile #6803
  • Connection tester handles invalid NodeInfo implementations #6890
  • Do not allow to change email to an already used one #6905
  • Correctly filter mentions on the server side #6902
  • Add aspects to the aspect membership dropdown when creating them on the getting started page #6864
  • Strip markdown from message preview in conversations list #6923
  • Improve tag stream performance #6903
  • Only show mutual contacts in conversations auto suggestions #7001


  • Support color themes #6033
  • Add mobile services and privacy settings pages #6086
  • Optionally make your extended profile details public #6162
  • Add admin dashboard showing latest diaspora* version #6216
  • Display poll & location on mobile #6238
  • Update counts on contacts page dynamically #6240
  • Add support for relay based public post federation #6207
  • Bigger mobile publisher #6261
  • Backend information panel & health checks for known pods #6290
  • Allow users to view a posts locations on an OpenStreetMap #6256
  • Redesign and unify error pages #6428
  • Redesign and refactor report admin interface #6378
  • Add permalink icon to stream elements #6457
  • Move reshare count to interactions for stream elements #6487
  • Posts of ignored users are now visible on that profile page #6617
  • Add white color theme #6631
  • Add answer counts to poll #6641
  • Check for collapsible posts after images in posts have loaded #6671
  • Add reason for post report to email sent to admins #6679
  • Add links to the single post view of the related post to photos in the photo stream #6621
  • Add a note for people with disabled JavaScript #6777
  • Do not include conversation subject in notification mail #6910
  • Add 'Be excellent to each other!' to the sidebar #6914
  • Expose Sidekiq dead queue configuration options
  • Properly support pluralization in timeago strings #6926
  • Return all contacts in people search #6951
  • Make screenreaders read alerts #6973
  • Display message when there are no posts in a stream #6974
  • Add bootstrap-markdown editor to the publisher #6551
  • Don't create notifications for ignored users #6984
  • Fetch missing persons when receiving a mention for them #6992

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