github diaspora/diaspora v0.5.7.0

latest releases: v0.7.18.1, v0.7.18.0, v0.7.17.0...
6 years ago


  • Internationalize controller rescue_from text #6554
  • Make mention parsing a bit more robust #6658
  • Remove unlicensed images #6673
  • Removed unused contacts_title #6687

Bug fixes

  • Fix plural rules handling more than wanted as "one" #6630
  • Fix suppress_annoying_errors eating too much errors #6653
  • Ensure the rubyzip gem is properly loaded #6659
  • Fix mobile registration layout after failed registration #6677
  • Fix mirrored names when using a RTL language #6680
  • Disable submitting a post multiple times in the mobile UI #6682


  • Keyboard shortcuts now do work on profile pages as well #6647
  • Add the podmin email address to 500 errors #6652

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