github diaspora/diaspora v0.5.4.0

latest releases: v0.7.18.1, v0.7.18.0, v0.7.17.0...
7 years ago


  • Improve infinite scroll triggering #6451

Bug fixes

  • Skip first getting started step if it looks done already #6456
  • Normalize new followed tags and insert them alphabetically #6454
  • Add avatar fallback for notification dropdown #6463
  • Improve handling of j/k hotkeys #6462
  • Fix JS error caused by hovercards 6480


  • Show spinner on initial stream load #6384
  • Add new moderator role. Moderators can view and act on reported posts #6351
  • Only post to the primary tumblr blog #6386
  • Always show public photos on profile page #6398
  • Expose Unicorn's pid option to our configuration system #6411
  • Add stream of all public posts #6465
  • Reload stream when clicking on already active one #6466
  • Sign in user before evaluating post visibility #6490

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