github develsoftware/GMinerBetaRelease 2.50

  • auto fan feature, now you can set target fan temperature (--tfan, Windows only)
  • reset overclocking before DAG generation (Windows only)
  • improved beamhash performance (~+2%)
  • improved cuckatoo32 performance (~+5%)
  • added display of GPU model in statistics table
  • added --worker parameter to specify worker name for ETH pools thats doesn't support wallet.worker notation
  • added option to display date in log (--log_date)
  • added option to log stratum (--log_stratum)
  • display epoch and block number on new job
  • updated Web UI for --api
  • uses --proto stratum for NiceHash by default
  • bug fixes and stability improvements
latest releases: 2.67, 2.55, 2.51...
6 months ago