github developersu/ns-usbloader v5.1
Maintenance and fixes


  • Batch Split/Merge in GUI (fix #87)
  • On start always open tab which has been opened before application closed (Game/RCM/Split-Merge)
  • Update to OpenJFX 16. Should be fixing issues on some macOS (#44 and #92)
  • Replaced 'Tinfoil' name to 'Awoo' everywhere because I think we need a new name to specify 'original Tinfoil'. Since it's 99% the same, let's just use this. Reference to Awoo Installer but as always you are more than welcome to use what you want ;)
  • Tested compatibility with GoldLeaf 0.9 and added small updates to UI.
  • Korean translation updated by DDinghoya. Thank you!
  • Romanian translation added by Călin Ilie. Thank you!
  • Italian translation updated by unbranched. Thank you!
latest release: v5.2
one month ago