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  • Fixed old annoying issue related to process interruption. Now button 'Interrupt' really interrupts the process in any moment =)

  • If you still use GL v0.5 use option 'Use old GoldLeaf version' in settings. (Yes, you still have to add one file to table and select it, otherwise only the first one from selected files would be used. Or nothing will work if you didn't select anything.)

  • Now any file could be added to VIRT:/ if check-box 'Show only *.nsp in GoldLeaf' (in settings) not selected.

This option sets filters to file chooser when you select files via 'Select .NSP files' or drag-n-drop files/folders. Enabled -> only NSPs; disabled -> everything (except hidden).

Also this option excludes any non-NSP files from HOME:/ pseudo-drive in GoldLeaf. Yes, I know, it's a bit strange solution.

  • Portuguese language updated by almircanella.

  • Other not interesting changes (like a window now a bit larger, some icons a bit more round etc.)

  • Not tested on GoldLeaf v0.7.1/v0.7.2

latest releases: v5.2, v5.1, v5.0...
2 years ago