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Stable relase v0.6


  • GoldLeaf v0.6.1 support

  • Bugfix for #24

  • Logs for GL scenario is limited to warnings and failures since showing everything that happens is resource-consuming.

  • Spanish translation updated by Kuziel Alejandro. Thanks!

Release notes:

  • Progress bar for GoldLeaf indicates only execution of the process, but not transfer progress.

  • WriteFile command (when user transferring data from NS to PC) supports only files which size is less then 8Mb. This limitation probably will be removed after next release of GoldLeaf.

  • GoldLeaf process interruption (by clicking 'Stop' button) works now. In most scenarios. It takes 5 second usually. This thing would be improved in future to finally fix the old issue of non interruptable process (even for TinFoil).

  • Not tested on macOS.

Usage notes:

For using with new GL:

  • On Linux (if you didn't do it yet) set UDEV rules for your user. See README for details.

  • Add NSP files to application (optional)

  • Open GoldLeaf

  • Click 'Send files to NS' on this application.

  • Click 'Explore content' -> 'Remote PC (via USB)'

  • Two drives available. HOME:/ is pointing to your user's home directory (C:\Users\username, /home/username, /Users/username). VIRT:/ is what you added to app (this drive has limited commands support).

  • In 'Settings' tab you may see new option 'Show only *.nsp in GoldLeaf'. Enable it only in case you're going to install NSP files and nothing more. It means that other GL features such as renaming/copying/deleting files may not be working properly.

Thanks to XorTroll, friedkeenan for answering questions about new GL architecture and saving my time.

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