github developersu/ns-usbloader v0.3
Stable relase v0.3


  • ToinFoil network transfer support added by implementing simplified HTTP server inside. With options for those who want to do everything manually.
  • macOS High Sierra/Sierra/El Capitan support (using usb4java 1.2.0 for project). Mojave supported as always.
  • Drag-n-Drop for files and folders.
  • File size representation changed.
  • Context menu added to the table for items. Now it's possible to remove one/all items from the table.
  • CSS updates for selection in table and context menu.
  • Fixing wrong colors on pop-up window (light theme).
  • DELETE button could be used for deletion, SPACE for selection.
  • Multiple selection on table added (CTRL+A works).
  • Some typos fixed.
  • French language added.
  • Code refactoring: normal locale support makes localization simple. Translators are welcome (see readme)

QA tests made on:

  • Windows 7 x86_64
  • Gentoo linux amd64
latest releases: v5.2, v5.1, v5.0...
2 years ago