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Happy New Year 2023 Release

10 months ago



  • A new type was introduced in 3.7 (announcement has been forgotten): a vhighlight to be able to hightlight a whole region across all tracks.
  • Much more parameters for vhighlight and vlines
    • 'zorder' to set it on top or behind.
    • 'line_width', 'color', 'alpha', 'border_color' for vhighlight and 'line_style' for vlines
  • You can now set multiple vlines
  • For gtf, the output of make_tracks_file set prefered_name to gene_name instead of transcript_name.


  • Support mcool files for hic_matrix_square. This solves #404
  • Works with gffutils version 0.11.0 where ValueError became gffutils.exceptions.EmptyInputError for empty gtf.
  • The installation instructions have been updated
  • Fixed a small bug in links track with "use_middle" enabled, where midpoints could have different ordering than start points (Thanks to @Jeff1995 ).
  • Fix a bug when plotting gtf in the middle of a large intron.
  • Fix plot genes with orientation = inverted
  • Support Numpy 1.24, drop support below 1.20

Relax version control on matplotlib:

  • Any version of matplotlib from 3.1.1 to 3.6.2 is now accepted.

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