github deeptools/pyGenomeTracks 3.6
Fall 2020 Release

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3 years ago


  • A new parameter for pyGenomeTracks allow to fix the width of the central part: --plotWidth

  • For scale bars, you can now define the position using 2 parameters among x_center, size, scalebar_start_position and scalebar_end_position.

Python dependency with conda:

  • Using conda which is the way we recommand installation it is now possible to use Python 3.8.

Relax version control on matplotlib:

  • Any version of matplotlib from 3.1.1 to 3.3.2 is now accepted.


  • When the --fontSize parameter was used it happened that the colorbar labels were not corresponding to the colorbar ticks. This bug has been fixed (#297).

  • The colormap pink was not working because it was both the name of a color and a colormap. This bug has been fixed (#295).

  • When setting min_value, max_value, if the track was empty these values were ignored. This bug has been fixed.

  • When using operation in bedgraph with a second_file, BEDTools is now used to intersect the second file. use_middle is now taken into account on the second file.

  • Different handling of string evaluation of color, colormap and operation.

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