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To install Decrediton desktop wallet, download, uncompress, and run Decrediton Linux or Decrediton macOS or Decrediton Windows.

To install the command-line tools, please see dcrinstall.

See decred-v1.6.3-manifest.txt and the other manifest files for SHA-256 hashes and the associated .asc signature files to confirm those hashes.

See for more info on verifying the files.

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dcrwallet v1.6.3

This release focuses on bug fixes and feature improvements for VSP ticket buying.

New features

  • An AccountUnlocked gRPC method was added to query if an account is individually encrypted and its current locked state.

  • A GetTrackedVSPTickets gRPC method was added for clients to gain insight into what tickets and fees are currently being processed by the VSP client.

  • A syncstatus JSON-RPC method was added to query whether the wallet is known to be synchronized with the network or not, or whether it is still performing initial synchronization.

Bug Fixes

  • Additional situations which caused unexpected "low balance" bugs when purchasing tickets with a VSP have been fixed by attempting to create the additional split transaction.

  • Reliability improvements were made to ensuring that fees are correctly paid to the VSP. This will result in lower missed ticket rates.

  • A bug preventing correct key derivation for keys in a locked individually-encrypted account when all other wallet accounts were unlocked was fixed by deriving the pubkey, rather than erroring when attempting to derive the private key.

  • A data race dealing with the synchronization of managing locked outputs was fixed.

  • The automated ticketbuyer no longer errors for unlocking the wallet with an empty passphrase if the account is individually-encrypted and is unlocked by another method.


All commits since the last release may be viewed on GitHub here.

Code Contributors (alphabetical order)

  • Alex Yocom-Piatt
  • David Hill
  • Jamie Holdstock
  • Josh Rickmar
  • Matheus Degiovani
  • Victor Oliveira
  • Wisdom Arerosuoghene

Decrediton v1.6.3

This release of Decrediton includes the initial DEX integration, as well as many other graphical improvements, security upgrades, and bug fixes.

New features

  • This release includes our first iteration of DCRDEX being available directly within Decrediton. There is a new page available, 'DEX' on the sidebar. Initially, users will be presented with the option to "enable" DEX on their wallet. Currently, we suggest using a separate wallet to use for DEX trading, instead of a users' main wallet. While we believe the wallet is still secure, the DEX integration has increased the attack surface of the wallet, so it is worth taking extra precaution while using this feature.

Once enabled, users need to set a DEX passphrase. This passphrase is what they will use to Login and to submit orders etc. Next they need to select or create a new account for DEX. Theses funds are what will be accessible inside of the DCRDEX trading platform.

Users must then connect their DCR and BTC wallets to DEX. Once connected, they will be guided to register their DEX account and pay the required fee.

Once these steps are complete they will be able to launch the trading platform. Upon attempting to close Decrediton, there will be an attempt to logout of the DEX. If there are any open orders, Decrediton will not be allowed to close. This is to ensure that the swaps are able to complete successfully.

  • With the introduction of DEX and privacy into Decrediton, we've decided to upgrade some of the security features in the wallet. While most of this is invisible to the user (Electron/Webpack upgrades), we have added per-account locking. Previously, when any action occured the whole wallet was unlocked and then relocked upon completion. Now only the pertinent account for the transcation will be unlocked. This will protect other accounts for situations like DEX and mixing where accounts will be unlocked for long periods of time.

  • We have improved the new vspd ticket tracking so fees are now paid more frequently and process managed tickets is only shown when the user hasn't yet fully confirmed their tickets with the vspd.


All commits since the last release may be viewed on GitHub here.

Code Contributors (alphabetical order)

  • Alex Yocom-Piatt
  • Amir Massarwa
  • bgptr
  • Guilherme Marques
  • Jamie Holdstock
  • Joe Gruffins
  • Matheus Degiovani
  • Scott Christian
  • Victor Oliveira

DCRDEX v0.2.0

This release includes a large number of improvements to the UI, the communications protocol, and software design.

The most notable new features are:

  • Numerous UI and usability enhancements including responsive design and depth chart interactivity
  • Support client control by the Decrediton GUI wallet and use of its accounts
  • Experimental Bitcoin Cash (BCH) support
  • Initial changes to support SPV (light) wallets in the next release
  • Account import/export

The latest 1.6 release of dcrd and dcrwallet is required for this release of DCRDEX. At the time of release, this corresponds to the v1.6.2 releases. Bitcoin Core 0.20 and 0.21 are both supported.

Important Notices

Although DCRDEX looks and feels like a regular exchange, the "decentralized" aspect brings an expanded role to the client. Please take the time to read and understand the following:

Client (dexc)

Features and Improvements

  • Experimental support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH). (542ed9b)
  • Show confirmations for swaps transactions on the Order page when a swap has not yet reached the required number of confirmations. (ecbfebd)
  • Open dialogs can be closed by hitting the "Escape" key. (7c978cd)
  • Allow changing the dex client "application password". (8d7163c)
  • Responsive browser UI design. (c91bde4)
  • Differentiate between buy/sell orders in confirmation modal dialog. (2bdf81f)
  • Clearer revocation notifications. (c8c9729)
  • Raw transaction data is now transmitted to counterparties in the 'audit' and 'match_status' requests. This is a prerequisite for SPV clients. (3704513)
  • More chart interactivity. (a) Indicators on the depth chart for the user's orders. When the mouse hovers near the indicator, the order is highlighted in the "Your Orders" table. Conversely, when the mouse hovers over a row in the "Your Orders" table, the indicator is highlighted on the chart. (b) Move the legend and hover info to the top. (c) When a rate is entered in the order form for a limit order, display a line indicator at that rate on the depth chart. (d) When the user hovers over an order in the buy/sell tables, display an indicator at that rate on the depth chart. (e) Last zoom level is saved across markets and reloads. (f) Display the total buy/sell volume. (fb6f3ea, 08ec4ac)
  • Multiple authorized browser sessions are now permitted. This refers to logging in to dexc from two different browsers that do not share a cookie store. This is now permitted, however, signing out of one session signs out of all sessions. (030173b)
  • A wallet's connection settings and private passphrase can be changed at the same time. Developers should see the ReconfigureWallet change. (761e3e1)
  • Add account import/export functions. (1a38c4d)
  • Add account disable function. (f414a87)
  • Starting dexc when a configured DEX server is unreachable starts a reconnect attempt loop. Previously it was necessary to restart dexc later and hope the server was back. (c782ffb)
  • Account-based DCR wallet locking support. With dcrwallet 1.6, accounts may be individually encrypted, with a unique password, in contrast to whole-wallet locking. This allows working with such accounts by using the accountunlocked dcrwallet RPC to determine the locking scheme for an account, and the unlockaccount/lockaccount RPCs instead of walletpassphrase/walletlock. The "beta" simnet DCR harness now uses an individually-encrypted "default" account. (ff4e76c, 37cdc9e)
  • Handling of new server-provided fee rates. This will support SPV clients, and helps ensure that both redeem and order funding transactions are not created with low fee rates when the client's wallet/node is not providing good estimates. (79a1cb0)
  • Network-specific loopback IPs for the webserver and RPC server listen addresses. Now by default, dexc listens on for mainnet, for testnet, and for simnet. Users are still be able to specify custom addresses with webaddr and rpcaddr. (08ec4ac)
  • Maximum order size estimates on order dialog. Get maximum order estimates based on wallet balances and, in the case of buy orders, the rate in the rate input field. The data is shown in the UI as a small message above the rate field. When you click on the label, the quantity fields are pre-populated with the max order. (920d1ac)
  • dexcctl / RPC server: Add a matches list to the myorders response. (3bef6ba)
  • When orders are placed, the client remembers the expected maximum fee rate, and verifies that the rate provided by the server at match time does not exceed this amount. (2123f10)
  • Add a "fee rate limit" setting to each wallet that is checked against the max fee rate set by the server's config. Orders are blocked by the client if the server specifies a max fee rate that exceeds the client's limit. (414ffcc)
  • On shutdown, the active orders are logged, and inactive trades have their coins released to the wallet if they were not already. (41749a8)
  • Add sample config files. (also server) (792602b)
  • The 'init' and 'redeem' requests are now run asynchronously so most other actions are not blocked while waiting for a response. This is generally an internal change, but it may improve the overall responsiveness of the dexc application. (a0538bb)
  • Preimage request handling is reworked to prevent blocking for a long period given an incoming preimage request for an unknown order. (1b66492)
  • Add a custom webserver "site" directory argument. (4506406)
  • Favor confirmed UTXOs in BTC order funding. This is primarily an internal change, but it can defend against swaps that take too long to confirm. (3f6e429)
  • "Long" execution times (more than 250ms) for incoming message handling and track ticks are now logged. (529cb0d)


  • When Core is shut down, wallets are locked when the Run method returns. Previously, wallets were only locked if the consumer used PromptShutdown. (8976d8d) This change was in 0.1.5, but it is reiterated here as it is an significant change in behavior that Go consumers should note.
  • Updates to the User struct returned by the User and Exchanges methods of client/core.Core. The client/core.Market has replaced the {Base,Quote}{Order,Contract}Locked fields with methods. (167efd4)
  • When specifying TLS certificates, allow either a filename or the contents of the certificate file. This applies to the Register, GetFee, and GetDEXConfig methods of client/core.Core. (44a3363)
  • Notification subjects are now package-level constants. (3aef72d)
  • ReconfigureWallet has a new pass input (nil indicates no password change). (761e3e1)
  • New order fee estimate API. See the new (*Core).PreOrder method and the new returned OrderEstimate type. Also see the PreSwap and PreRedeem methods of client/asset.Wallet, and the new types of the same name. (5394cea)
  • New isinitialized http API endpoint and Core method. (b767a23)
  • Add the (*Core).GetDEXConfig method and a corresponding http API endpoint getdexinfo the functions similar to getfee by making a temporary connection to a DEX with no existing account, except that it returns the server's entire config. (d85f6bc)
  • Check the server's API version and each asset's version that are now returned in the server's 'config' response. (e59b47f, 205e802, 1bc0cc9)
  • Only active orders are listed by the User and Exchanges methods of Core. Completed orders that are pending retirement are excluded. (6358d97)
  • Add profiling switches to dcrdex. A CPU profile file may be specified with --cpuprofile. The http profiler may be started with --httpprof. (c17baf9)
  • (internal) DCR asset backends now use rpcclient/v6, which provide cancelable requests. (312397a, 9d65d55)
  • (internal) BTC's asset backend now uses Decred's rpcclient package for cancellation capability. All request now use RawRequest. (cefe6a5)
  • (internal) All incoming response and notification message handlers are wrapped for panic recovery. (829a661)
  • (internal) Message unmarshalling is now more robust with respect to null payloads. (9bf1a3e)
  • Many third party Go dependency updates. (go.mod diff)
  • Update site build system to Webpack 5, and update most other deps. (a8e76ea)
  • Add an ETH simnet harness for support of upcoming ETH support. (ea10f5a)
  • The simnet harnesses now listen on all interfaces. (4e246cf)
  • The Decred wallet harnesses now start dcrwallet with http profiling enabled. (b96f546)
  • Rework the db.MetaMatch struct. (db3df62)


In addition to numerous fixes that were also in the 0.1.x releases, the most notable fixes are:

  • No longer show the Register dialog if the server for the only registered DEX happens to be down at the time. (b6ea0ea)
  • Correct handling of IPv6 listen addresses. (also on server) (f0ef965)
  • Update the browser UI when orders are placed via dexcctl. (8cc1502)
  • Better error reporting on the DEX registration dialog. (2617d75)
  • More robust recovery for orders that become unfunded (e.g. user spends coins that were reserved for an order). (122277e)
  • No longer prematurely broadcast Decred refund transactions. (03cdf2d)
  • Commitment checksum handling in the presence of missed preimage is now handled the same way as on the server by including the all epoch order commitments in the csum computation, not just the ones with revealed preimages. (25e3679, 7d71ffd)
  • Never show negative confirmations for swap transactions even before they have been checked. (fb39b97)
  • The mouse wheel only zooms when hovering over the depth chart, no longer scrolling the page at the same time. (736b005)

Server (dcrdex)

  • Swapper resumes on startup from DB rather than a state file. (a676e07)
  • Market data API endpoints. /spots is the spot price and booked volume of all markets. /candles is candlestick data, available in bin sizes of 24h, 1h, 15m, and per-epoch sticks. e.g. /candles/dcr/btc/15m. /orderbook is already a WebSocket route, but is now also accessible by HTTP. An example URL is /orderbook/dcr/btc. /config is another WebSocket route that is also now available over HTTP too. (08afde3)
  • Configurable trade limits with the new --inittakerlotlimit and --abstakerlotlimit dcrdex switches, and userBookedLotLimit set in markets.json. (5771186)
  • Provide API and asset versions in the 'config' response. (e59b47f, 205e802, 1bc0cc9)
  • Begin sending TxData (raw tx) in audit and match_status requests to counterparty. This will support SPV clients. (370451)
  • Experimental Bitcoin Cash (BCH) support. (542ed9b)
  • Version the DB scheme and implement initial updates to populate historical market data in the epoch_reports table. (d000f19)
  • The outgoing preimage request now includes the commitment for the preimage being requested. (850e8a6)
  • Provide fee rate estimates to the clients in certain messages: orderbook, epoch_report, and the new fee_rate route. With this data provided to the clients, minimum fee rates of zero-conf funding coins are enforced. (79a1cb0, 9885bf1)
  • Fix market suspension not purging the outgoing book router's orders list. The actual book was purged, but clients would still pull a book snapshot listing orders if they restarted after a purge. (a25d14e)
  • Order priority queue automatic reallocation and smaller initial capacity. (3750cce)
  • New administrative endpoints: orderbook, epochorders, and matches. (0ce3ec7)
  • Add order ID to cancel route error message. (0a7157b)
  • Various test harness improvements. (ca9882d)
  • Active order counts are logged when a user authenticates. (945cb4a)
  • Drop the dependency on the deprecated repository. (cae9f5a)
  • The /api/market/{marketID}/matches endpoint now returns decoded swap/redeem coin IDs and an idiomatic JSON response. (a1fbdc0)

Build requirements

  • Go 1.15 or 1.16
  • Node 14 is the minimum supported version for building the site assets.
  • dcrd and dcrwallet must still be built from their release-v1.6 branches.
  • The minimum required dcrwallet RPC server version is 8.5.0, which corresponds to the v1.6.2 patch release of dcrwallet, but the latest release-v1.6.x tag should be used.

Code Summary

166 commits, 287 files changed, 40,296 insertions(+), 18,072 deletions(-)

9 contributors

  • Amir Massarwa (@amassarwi)
  • Brian Stafford (@buck54321)
  • David Hill (@dajohi)
  • Joe Gruffins (@JoeGruffins)
  • Jonathan Chappelow (@chappjc)
  • Kevin Wilde (@kevinstl)
  • @peterzen
  • Victor Oliveira (@vctt94)
  • Wisdom Arerosuoghene (@itswisdomagain)

2 months ago