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To install the command line tools, please see dcrinstaller.

To install decrediton download, uncompress, and run decrediton Linux or decrediton OSX or decrediton Windows.

See manifest-v1.3.1.txt, and the package specific manifest files for sha256 sums and the associated .asc files to confirm those shas.

See for more info on verifying the files.

decrediton v1.3.1

This is primarily a patch release for Decrediton, but also reveals some exciting
new functionality to the entire user base. Previously, SPV wallet functionality
and Politeia access were hidden behind configuration settings (which were only
accessible by knowledgeable users). Now Politeia is seen by default underneath
the new "Governance" page that can be found on the left sidebar. SPV can be
enabled by going to the Settings page and updating the option (this will
cause decrediton to reset to begin using the systems correctly).

We are also proud to add our first round of translations. We have added French,
Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese (simplified). If you are a long standing
community member and notice any incorrect translations you can open an issue on
github or contact the team on
the slack/matrix chat platforms. While we appreciate input from all users,
the translation process demands some existing trust, so we'd prefer only users
with existing relationships with the project submit translation issues. We're
attempting to formalize our translations procedures to allow input from more
users. Our goal is to provide the same high quality content for all users, no
matter their preferred language. Our tentative next list of languages are:
Russian, Arabic, Malay/Tagalog.

Bug Fixes

  • The underlying dcrwallet was updated to include a required fix that caused
    panics in some wallets with certain transactions (typically stakepool fee txs).

  • Non-US languages were causing some odd strings to be shown.

  • Use streaming GetTickets with dcrwallet to ease decrediton loading. Now tickets
    are requested on a smaller basis to avoid issues with very large voting wallets.

Other improvements

  • Add proper wallet and daemon closing procedures to allow settings changes for
    SPV and Advanced Daemon. Now the user does not have to completely close the
    wallet to enable these changes. There is also an added button to close the
    current wallet and select a new one to load.

  • The transaction details page has received a design update from Eeter. We have
    added the "Rebroadcast Transaction" button if the transaction is "Pending."
    This should be close to the final form of the page with some minor tweaks.

  • Updated Help page with more links and updated design from Eeter.

  • Update major some major dependencies and others: Webpack 4, Electron 2.0.8

  • Retain number of tickets to purchase upon unsuccessful attempt.


All commits since the last release may be viewed on GitHub

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