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To install decrediton download, uncompress, and run decrediton Linux or decrediton OSX or decrediton Windows.

See manifest-decrediton-v1.1.3.txt, and the package specific manifest files for sha256 sums and the associated .asc files to confirm those shas.

See for more info on verifying the files.

decrediton v1.1.3

This decrediton patch release covers a few commonly reported issues shortly
after v1.1.2 was released. Most importantly this fixes a random issue on
the Windows version that was causing an unavoidable crash on startup.

Bug Fixes

  • Rollback electron-store/conf version to avoid asar/json Windows issue.

  • Remove "Revoke tickets..." alert from Overview. Due to a deeper issue in
    dcrwallet the notification whether there are tickets to revoke is being
    incorrectly announced. Until that fix is available, it seems better to avoid
    showing the alert which confuses the user.

  • Fix errors on adding Stakepool API. On failed Stakepool API requests, the
    Stakey bounce animation would remain and the user would be unable to proceed.

  • Fix sorting of voted/revoked tickets in My Tickets.

  • Fix Account Key display

  • Fix issue with using "Enter" to complete any Get Started form. Doing so
    would previously make Decrediton shut down instead of submitting the action.

  • Hide Paginator when <= 1 page


All commits since the last release may be viewed on GitHub here.

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3 years ago