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To install decrediton download, uncompress, and run
decrediton Linux or
decrediton OSX or
decrediton Windows.

See manifest-decrediton-v1.1.1.txt, and the package specific manifest files for sha256 sums and the associated .asc files to confirm those shas.

See for more info on verifying the files.

decrediton v1.1.1

This patch release primarily fixes Windows version from not allowing dcrd and
dcrwallet to be shutdown gracefully. Upon decrediton close, shutdown requests
are given to the 2 child-processes to cleanly shutdown now.

This commit also marks the first unit test of the React components we are
including. In the upcoming releases we plan on expanding test coverage to
hopefully ensure that each release is as bug free as possible.

We can now get transaction details for pending transactions and the
transaction notifactions are clickable to see that details page.

App versions are now pulled directly from the binaries themselves instead
of any hardcoding so users can be assured they are running specific versions
of dcrd and dcrwallet underneath.

Bug Fixes

  • Disable rescan, add ApiKey and Import Script buttons if there is an
    outstanding rescan request processing. Otherwise you can issue multiple
    requests at the same time and it will lead to unsightly UX.

  • Fix Stakepools Overview link that was resulting in a 404 previously.

  • Add total subsidy to the tickets page.

  • Fix Add Stakepool Button in Stakepool Config page.


All commits since the last release may be viewed on GitHub

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