github decred/decred-binaries v1.0.6


This is a patch release of decrediton only. Decrediton users are encouraged to upgrade.


Updates to decredtiton v1.0.6:

  • Fix issue with send amounts validation that was causing decimals to fail entry.
  • Add show/hide non-zero Account functionality. If an account has a zero balance it can be hidden from being seen in dropdowns, etc.
  • Add Immature tickets to StakeInfo on Tickets page.
  • Add currency switching in various dropdowns.
  • Make sure to request updated StakeInfo upon successful PurchaseTicket request so correct current values are shown to the user.
  • More design tweaks as requested by @linnutee.


To install decrediton download, uncompress, and run
decrediton Linux or
decrediton OSX.

See manifest-v1.0.6.txt, and the package specific manifest files for sha256 sums and the associated .asc files to confirm those shas.

See for more info on verifying the files.



Description Pull Request
Don't try to set permissions with rsync in build script. decred/decrediton#461
Update cli tools to v1.0.5 decred/decrediton#463
Update to please PropTypes movement decred/decrediton#464
Fix various bugs that have been found in 1.0.5 decred/decrediton#466
Add show/hide account functionality decred/decrediton#468
Add Immature tickets to stake info decred/decrediton#469
Add currency type switching to dropdowns decred/decrediton#470
Add getStakeInfoAttempt on successful purchase tickets attempt decred/decrediton#471
A few remaining design fixes for v1.0.6 release decred/decrediton#473
Bump for v1.0.6 decred/decrediton#472
Fix function references decred/decrediton#475


This release was built from:

Repository Commit Hash
decred/decrediton 6eb4c2bcaba7217c7d370d342babee423565d6ca

Known Issues

latest releases: v1.6.3, v1.6.2, v1.6.1...
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