github decred/decred-binaries v1.0.2_decrediton


This is a patch release for decrediton only. All users are encouraged to upgrade. This release addresses several startup issues as well as adding the ability to rescan the chain.

To install decrediton download, uncompress, and run
decrediton Linux or
decrediton OSX.

See manifest-v1.0.2.txt, and the package specific manifest files for sha256 sums and the associated .asc files to confirm those shas.

See for more info on verifying the files.



Description Pull Request
Add some extra text for user clarity decred/decrediton#364
Transaction history address length with no box overflow and help page links decred/decrediton#367
Add a retry start rpc connection button decred/decrediton#369
Add rescan button and remove old RescanForm decred/decrediton#370
Handle output of dcrd/wallet better decred/decrediton#372
Fix rescan header div area decred/decrediton#373
Bump for v1.0.2 decred/decrediton#374


This release was built from:

Repository Commit Hash
decred/dcrwallet b4cd1304d3c1273cafea6b584e98f69217bfbdce
decred/dcrd 5bed758f85159b2ee76240207ba775c40000a4c1
decred/decrediton 93277e6c435276f106f03667ad8e83d643e63041

Known Issues

latest releases: v1.6.3, v1.6.2, v1.6.1...
4 years ago