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This is a patch release. All users are encourages to update. A bug in the installer has been addressed which prevented upgrades from 0.8.2 or earlier. Paymetheus and decrediton have been updated to work with both v1 and v2 stakepools and there were branding updates for Paymetheus. Default fees were returned to the previous values. See Changes for list of all bugs fixed.

To install Paymetheus download and run either
Paymetheus 64bit or
Paymetheus 32bit
depending on your version of Windows.

To install the command line tools, please see

To install decrediton download, uncompress, and run
decrediton Linux or
decrediton OSX.

See manifest-v1.0.1.txt, and the package specific manifest files for sha256 sums and the associated .asc files to confirm those shas.

See for more info on verifying the files.



Description Pull Request
Make startup more async friendly decred/decrediton#359
Fix various bugs and allow v1 pools to be used decred/decrediton#362
Bump for v1.0.1 decred/decrediton#363
Add some extra text for user clarity decred/decrediton#364
Be backwards compatible with v1 API pools decred/Paymetheus#248
Use the correct sdiff retarget value on mainnet. decred/Paymetheus#250
Switch to the new icon. decred/Paymetheus#252
Prepare for release 1.0.1. decred/Paymetheus#253
Raise default fees back to 0.01/kB. decred/Paymetheus#256
Log fee as an amount, not atoms. decred/dcrwallet#689
Allow reading passphases from piped input. decred/dcrwallet#691
Raise default fees back to 0.01/kB. decred/dcrwallet#693
Prepare for release 1.0.1. decred/dcrwallet#692
Bump Protocol Version decred/dcrd#673
wire: Cleanup blockheader.go. decred/dcrd#669
rpcserver: Return handler errors to RPC client. decred/dcrd#671
rpcserver: Disable getblocktemplate. decred/dcrd#672
Bump for v1.0.1 decred/dcrd#674
Updates for v1.0.1 decred/decred-windows-installer#45
new logo, fix copyright and move resource into decred decred/decred-windows-installer#47


This release was built from:

Repository Commit Hash
decred/gominer d2503a9d0d3533cbceac970414f6f7f457faceb3
decred/Paymetheus 6e49fb22b4e3c4d769e2dbc446d87f311aa4437d
decred/decred-windows-installer 253f343e736eb377a6cba29e16aead0162f82e51
decred/dcrwallet a642114a124c6174130d528d9d33fe69128d2688
decred/dcrd 5c3e0d6454001c8d14fcf06be94381d93991aaea
decred/decrediton 0272bf894c3c89b573034dd7a18f47e697194cbf

Known Issues

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