github decred/decred-binaries v0.6.1


This release contains bug fixes and improvements for dcrd and

A new block test framework has been added to simplify adding new
tests. 380 new block tests have been added with it.

Several RPC improvements have been made. A number of voting related
fixed and improvements have been made to support future voting

dcrwallet now processes transactions atomically.

gominer and copay are unchanged. Paymetheus is unchanged but should
be updated for the updated dcrd and dcrwallet dependancies.

To install Paymetheus download and run either
Paymetheus 64bit or
Paymetheus 32bit
depending on your version of Windows.

To install a the local Copay GUI download and run
Copay OSX
Copay Linux.

To install the command line tools, please see

See manifest-v0.6.1.txt, manifest-gominer-v0.6.0.txt,
manifest-paymetheus-v0.6.1.txt, and manifest-copay-0.6.0.txt,
manifest--dcrinstaller-v0.6.1.txt for sha256 sums and the associated
.asc files to confirm those shas.

See for more info on
verifying the files.

Description Pull Request
Bump for v0.6.0 decred/gominer#127
Bump for v0.6.0 decred/dcrticketbuyer#72
Update onBlockConnected to match upcoming change in dcrd decred/dcrticketbuyer#73
Bump for v0.6.0 decred/Paymetheus#187
Add SetBalanceToMaintain decred/dcrrpcclient#35
Add ExistsExpiredTickets to dcrrpcclient decred/dcrrpcclient#36
Add methods to use the new version and getheaders RPCs. decred/dcrrpcclient#37
Setticketsvotebits decred/dcrrpcclient#39
Updates for dcrd JSON-RPC websocket API changes. decred/dcrrpcclient#40
bump version and settings for v0.6.0 decred/decred-release#73
bring dcrctl.exe back, fixes #26 decred/decred-windows-installer#27
bump for 0.6.0 decred/decred-windows-installer#28
straglers decred/decred-windows-installer#29
Add expired to getstakeinfo command decred/dcrwallet#360
Update dependencies, including 3rd party ones. decred/dcrwallet#361
Update the wallet to begin allowing extended votebits setting decred/dcrwallet#362
Fully update PoolTickets when using AddTicket rpc decred/dcrwallet#365
RFP-10 milestone 3 decred/dcrwallet#369
Bump for v0.6.0 decred/dcrwallet#373
Correctly handle both p2sh and p2pkh addrs in wstakemgr. decred/dcrwallet#376
Process transactions atomically with connected blocks. decred/dcrwallet#372
Remove Wallet.ChainSynced/SetChainSynced APIs. decred/dcrwallet#378
Output of --help/-h should go to os.Stdout rather than os.Stderr decred/dcrd#386
Fix the dumpblockchain function decred/dcrd#405
Use correct function to fetch blocks from the blockchain for RPC decred/dcrd#407
Remove unused files decred/dcrd#408
Prevent high memory usage when turning txindex on first time decred/dcrd#412
Add a block pruner that only prunes occassionally decred/dcrd#415
dcrctl: fix output in --terminal mode decred/dcrd#416
Add existsexpiredtickets to rpcserver decred/dcrd#418
Replace some unnecessary dcrutil.Tx usage with wire.MsgTx. decred/dcrd#419
Add voting version parsing function decred/dcrd#420
Add dcrjson decode func for concatenated hex hashes. decred/dcrd#421
Add new setticketsvotebits command decred/dcrd#422
Add func to decode string hashes to a passed destination. decred/dcrd#425
Add getheaders JSON-RPC extension command. decred/dcrd#426
Add EncodeConcatenatedHashes with test. decred/dcrd#432
dcrctl: Set width to max in --terminal decred/dcrd#436
blockchain: Add block validation infrastructure decred/dcrd#437
Bump for v0.6.0 decred/dcrd#438
Update 3rd party deps in glide decred/dcrd#439
Add StakeVersion to header. decred/dcrd#441
Use same notification for mined transactions and blocks. decred/dcrd#434
Update dcrrpcclient for dcrctl. decred/dcrd#445
update checkpoints decred/dcrd#446
Notify only relevant stake txs, not all. decred/dcrd#447
multi: Restore correct upstream majority version code. decred/dcrd#490



This release was built from:

Repository Commit Hash
decred/gominer 13cecddb128cd67f6d4249205122eda255f3c221
decred/dcrticketbuyer e5f16a5cf1a8f765bd34800225adff902dfe0fdf
decred/Paymetheus 9d54c93f304dc0bd42dba9327917ecddd834b237
decred/decred-windows-installer bf17ab16b6957d835f57eebcbe20980c479a4590
decred/dcrwallet f694721186b96bd2a26d1282eae94c14c672c123
decred/dcrd 4ce2279c4ad1c8b0ef3d8e914701ebcbdeb243da
decred/copay 9b12e42e22374811d0f602bd54c85f3f203e2f77

Known Issues

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