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This release is primarily to add voting/stake views to Paymetheus and
improvements to gominer. Various bugfixes and improvements have also
been add to all the command line tools.

To install the command line tools, please see

See manifest-v0.2.0.txt, manifest-gominer-v0.2.0.txt,
manifest-paymetheus-v0.2.0.txt, and manifest--dcrinstaller-v0.2.0.txt
for sha256 sums and the associated .asc files to confirm those shas.

See for more info on
verifying the files.

Changes include:

Description Pull Request
Use glide to manage dependancies. decred/gominer#38
Add all options to sample config. decred/gominer#39
correct workdata comment decred/gominer#40
Reconnect to pool if no usable target is provided. decred/gominer#42
Create stratum and work packages. decred/gominer#43
Add locks to racy data structures. decred/gominer#46
Fix benchmark mode. decred/gominer#47
Fix check for userSetWorkSize decred/gominer#51
Clean up logging. decred/gominer#53
add device selection/restriction decred/gominer#54
Reorganize some functions/packages. decred/gominer#56
Add import that wasn't seen after last rebase. decred/gominer#57
Bump for v0.3.0 decred/gominer#58
fix mining when no device is specified decred/gominer#59
Make "add account" button nonexecutable when running. decred/Paymetheus#125
Point to correct repo for the binary release. decred/Paymetheus#134
Better error message for failed dcrd RPC connections. decred/Paymetheus#138
Run dcrwallet RPC server on non-standard ports. decred/Paymetheus#139
Kill any leftover wallet processes using the nonstandard port. decred/Paymetheus#140
Show "published" message directly in create tx view. decred/Paymetheus#141
Sync dcrwallet grpc protospec. decred/Paymetheus#143
Explain how fees are calculated since this isn't really obvious. decred/Paymetheus#144
Hide last generated address when opening request view. decred/Paymetheus#145
Protect access to the shared Wallet structure. decred/Paymetheus#146
Update to latest gRPC. decred/Paymetheus#147
Clean up shell view styles decred/Paymetheus#148
Fix the synchronization task to wait on the next tx/block event. decred/Paymetheus#149
Add new stake related views decred/Paymetheus#151
Bump for v0.3.0 decred/Paymetheus#152
Make it explicit that Paymetheus does not vote. decred/Paymetheus#153
Display pubkeys of generated addresses. decred/Paymetheus#155
Avoid crash after importing a script. decred/Paymetheus#156
Bump for v0.3.0 decred/dcrticketbuyer#33
docs: Major update to home README decred/dcrd#278
dcrctl: fix reading from stdin in terminal mode decred/dcrd#294
rpcserver: Account for block votes in coin supply decred/dcrd#296
rpcserver: searchrawtx - update coinbase output decred/dcrd#299
blockmanager: current() for testnet should check blockchain timesource. decred/dcrd#302
Remove --addrindex option. decred/dcrd#305
add another mainnet checkpoint, add initial testnet checkpoints decred/dcrd#307
Fix the coin supply calculation decred/dcrd#309
Return from syncMiningStateAfterSync if peer disconnected. decred/dcrd#310
Bump for v0.3.0 decred/dcrd#312
Create appdata directory before writing config. decred/dcrd#313
rpc: Add blockheight to getstakeinfo results decred/dcrwallet#282
config: Add txfee and ticketfee to available config settings decred/dcrwallet#285
rpc: fixes high reported missed counts when sstrx are first issued decred/dcrwallet#287
Fix panic when getting StakeDifficulty if dcrd disconnected decred/dcrwallet#302
Add transaction hash to PublishTransactionResponse. decred/dcrwallet#304
Switch doco links to point to the Decred repo. decred/dcrwallet#306
Update to latest gRPC. decred/dcrwallet#308
Recommend the latest glide releases over the dev version. decred/dcrwallet#309
Save logs to the specified appdata directory. decred/dcrwallet#310
waddrmgr: check extended pubkey network when creating a WoW. decred/dcrwallet#312
rpctest - Fix wallet RPC port, and lots of docs and formatting. decred/dcrwallet#313
Bump for v0.3.0 decred/dcrwallet#316
Add public key address to next address response decred/dcrwallet#317
If tx fee increment is unset, it should be the default decred/dcrwallet#318
Fix lockup by breaking UTXO notifications decred/dcrwallet#319



This release was built from:

Repository Commit Hash
decred/dcrd 145065c87ff614f81e1d221693c0cf601f4423a7
decred/dcrwallet c2b4227947edaa2233f9bbe292aa2ba41b3e3bd6
decred/dcrticketbuyer a3d5464aae392f4878094cc720e0dc0443fd6dd6
decred/paymetheus ebc7a950dacd36c8987aa01c8439b2908f61bc5c
decred/decred-windows-installer 5d0fad99eee1eb3afdd2ba9f1fe54f8a29fb8547
gominer 093470d6b738a290dff1e32905b1b82b6fd99b32

Known Issues


  • Spendable balance is incorrect and may even go negative after purchasing tickets. This is only a temporary accounting issue and will resolve itself after the tickets have been mined into a block.


  • The WalletService.SpentnessNotifications gRPC API has been intentionally broken to avoid a deadlock situation. The RPC will appear to be working but no responses will be streamed to the client.
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