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This release contains the initial release of Paymetheus, the Decred Windows GUI. To install download and run either Paymetheus 64bit or Paymetheus 32bit depending on your version of Windows.

To install the command line tools, please see dcrinstaller.

This release contains various fixes and improvements, many of which are required for the new Windows installer and GUI. It also includes the first release of gominer, the Decred GPU miner with support for stratum pools. Updated ccminer binaries are also provided.

See manifest-v0.2.0.txt, manifest-dcrinstall-v0.2.0.txt, manifest-paymetheus-v0.2.0.txt, manifest-gominer-v0.2.0.txt, and manifest-ccminer-v0.2.0.txt for sha256sums of the packages and manifest-v0.2.0.txt.asc, manifest-dcrinstall-v0.2.0.txt.asc, manifest-paymetheus-v0.2.0.txt.asc, manifest-gominer-v0.2.0.txt.asc, and manifest-ccminer-v0.2.0.txt.asc to confirm those shas.

See for more info on verifying the files.

Changes include:

Description Pull Request
Paymetheus Initial Release f307753
gominer Initial Release 5b45938
sync with upstream (tpruvot/ccminer/windows) through 20160705 decred/ccminer#6
add a build workaround for arch and bump to 0.2.0 decred/ccminer#7
Quit when the specified configuration is file not found. decred/dcrd#273
Add BlockHeight field to getstakeinfo decred/dcrd#274
dcrctl: Remove help fallthrough so help will get passed to RPC decred/dcrd#275
dcrctl: Clear terminal history decred/dcrd#276
docs: Add/update doc.go in a few spots decred/dcrd#277
Add automatic RPC configuration. decred/dcrd#287
glide man decred/dcrd#288
Attempt to fix the broken paths in config autogen decred/dcrd#290
Bump version to v0.2.0 decred/dcrd#292
Replace chainec.Sign with secp256k1.SignCompact in SignMessge RPC decred/dcrwallet#258
Skip zero value outputs when making transactions decred/dcrwallet#278
Add back in strErrType for other possible chainClient.Notification types decred/dcrwallet#257
Check that nextToUseIdx is > 0, otherwise throw err since account is unused decred/dcrwallet#283
Remove unused const for ticket purchasing decred/dcrwallet#281
Change n in RangeTransactions to more closely track count param decred/dcrwallet#280
Prevent a hang in wallet.Loader.OpenExistingWallet. decred/dcrwallet#289
Add Tree to WalletService.FundTransaction RPC. decred/dcrwallet#290
Fix an unlikely panic if the bitset returned is empty decred/dcrwallet#291
watch-only: Delete created wallet.db if the WoW wasn't created decred/dcrwallet#286
Refer to correct version of the gRPC Go plugin. decred/dcrwallet#294
Fix balance bug in AccountBalances decred/dcrwallet#296
Add new stake-related RPCs to the gRPC interface decred/dcrwallet#293
glide: Update glide.lock to use current dcrd master version decred/dcrwallet#297
Fix gRPC account address index responses decred/dcrwallet#298
Add account notifications to the address pool decred/dcrwallet#300
Bump for v0.2.0 decred/dcrwallet#301
update description and example for highpricepenalty decred/dcrticketbuyer#19
Bump for v0.2.0 decred/dcrticketbuyer#29


As of this release, glide is required when building dcrd from source.
See the README in that repository for more details.


This release was built from:

Repository Commit Hash
decred/dcrd 7716a500fd211a8549a886eab4721a860a2c2a35
decred/dcrwallet a6f2e09b32bce054124b7e4714eaa52d5b450940
decred/dcrticketbuyer c6802acaabc0afc82a3801b91d885f28870b8b71
decred/paymetheus f3077531ad3a8751caa2043e6b2f91e6a91c8776
decred/decred-windows-installer c04134d1ad26ee9041e5defdf169faa7fa33f8c3
gominer 5b459387914223e0dfe8d5f5cc032fe9e898fd4a
ccminer 340a069488a52941f65ef7a99c02328ceb3bc70e
latest releases: v1.6.3, v1.6.2, v1.6.1...
5 years ago