github decred/decred-binaries v0.1.1


This release contains updated binary files (dcrd, dcrctl, dcrwallet)
for various platforms and is primarily a bugfix for dcrwallet.

See manifest-20160425-01.txt for sha256sums of the packages and
manifest-201600425-01.txt.asc to confirm those shas.

See for more info on
verifying the files.

This release contains various fixes and improvements.

Changes include:

Description Pull Request
Catch missed error check decred/dcrd#127
fix typo decred/dcrd#128
Replace float64 and use int64 for feePerKB calculcation decred/dcrd#125
Use AllowHighFees in SendRawTransaction cmd to actually check tx fees decred/dcrd#124
Add ticketfeeinfo command decred/dcrd#132
Bump for v0.1.1 decred/dcrd#136
Regenerate walletrpc package. decred/dcrwallet#189
Isolate address pool to prevent excessive address creation decred/dcrwallet#191
Reinsert scan length variable decred/dcrwallet#196
Do not include zero value change outputs. decred/dcrwallet#193
Update help comments to show fee per kb instead of increment decred/dcrwallet#195
Add TicketFeeIncrementTestnet decred/dcrwallet#194
Allow passing an empty string for purchaseticket addresses decred/dcrwallet#198
Add ability to change autopurchase frequency decred/dcrwallet#201
Open and return wallet from CreateNewWallet. decred/dcrwallet#203
Avoid stdin passphrase prompt with --noinitialload. decred/dcrwallet#202
Regenerate JSON-RPC help descriptions. decred/dcrwallet#208
Bump for v0.1.1 decred/dcrwallet#209
use decred mainnet ports in examples decred/dcrrpcclient#15


This release was built from:

Repository Commit Hash
decred/dcrd 4f8ad739a231a6ecf58ae899c595fba446ffe631
decred/dcrwallet c5e47fba1608854b0c43c367b14ced6df91a6d9e
decred/dcrrpcclient c69fe513f9d6beeef0cad10412e3aa804ba3fe28
decred/dcrutil 74563ea520b1215b9c10f96507b7a9984894c0b5 262ed2bd6d1c8cbaa14b43c3815d2e01e4f65ca8
latest releases: v1.6.3, v1.6.2, v1.6.1...
5 years ago