github decred/decred-binaries v0.0.5


This release contains updated binary files (dcrd, dcrctl, dcrwallet)
for various platforms.

See manifest-20160226-01.txt for sha256sums of the packages and
manifest-20160226-01.txt.asc to confirm those shas.

See for more info on
verifying the files.

This release is primarily to add the ability for wallet to
automatically remove old tickets and expired transactions.

Other changes include:

  • Add getstakeinfo to rpcAskWallet list to return proper error
  • Correct version numbers
  • Fix coin supply counter to reduce work and tax subsidy based on voters
  • Fix a bug that caused votes and revocations not being stored
  • Add listscripts RPC command handling


This release was built from:

Repository Commit Hash
decred/dcrd fbede4978022f7121f80a1ec02a217b7498c4f5b
decred/dcrwallet ee2a72abe35f690fcc54c3c6234e617c79a88d19
decred/dcrrpcclient 680d8ff9cd81c017c28fd867494e20deea08e48c
decred/dcrutil 025b0fb50cfb446491a6988fab4cef333830e35c
latest releases: v1.6.3, v1.6.2, v1.6.1...
5 years ago