github decred/decred-binaries v0.0.10


This release contains updated binary files (dcrd, dcrctl, dcrwallet)
for various platforms and is primarily a bugfix for dcrwallet.

See manifest-20160406-01.txt for sha256sums of the packages and
manifest-201600406-01.txt.asc to confirm those shas.

See for more info on
verifying the files.

This release contains various fixes and improvements.

Changes include:

Description Pull Request
Introduce a new utility to show dev premine taint. decred/dcrd#100
Bump for v0.0.10 decred/dcrd#101
Add new JSON handling for RPC commands and livetickets command decred/dcrd#102
Add stake txscript types in ListUnspent to be spendable decred/dcrwallet#151
Make dcrwallet pass all tests. decred/dcrwallet#155
Change initilialize to use proper index (extIdx) decred/dcrwallet#158
Bump for v0.0.10 decred/dcrwallet#159
Fix address pool syncing and add new RPC commands for the address pools decred/dcrwallet#161
Rollback namespace transactions when bucket is not found. decred/dcrwallet#163
Fix watching only wallets decred/dcrwallet#164
Fix case on comments decred/dcrwallet#165


This release was built from:

Repository Commit Hash
decred/dcrd 5658c503c3ad9e8b6e7eaec5183f9fe4a2e32241
decred/dcrwallet f1d9bd630188da91f7e817c49830c29d365c615d
decred/dcrrpcclient b3f48780a0d68e24ef6e915e930a1c1e58b69810
decred/dcrutil 9bb7f64962cee52bb46ce588aa91ef0e6e7bb1a9
latest releases: v1.6.3, v1.6.2, v1.6.1...
5 years ago