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  • 8c9ad11 build: improve goreleaser, add testing capabilities, "head" release, docs, fixes #5821, fixes #5811 (#5824)
  • d2ee118 docs: update developer release instructions (#5789) [skip ci]
  • 91d1f46 build: bump ddev-php-base and ddev-webserver to base on Debian 12 bookworm, replaces #5278 (#5579)
  • 1be7e65 feat: enable autocompletion for custom commands, fixes #5783 (#5785)
  • 9ffd61e docs: show initial and project-checkout Backdrop installation (#5781) [skip ci]
  • 8c7af56 docs: update buildkite installation to include icinga (#5802) [skip ci]
  • 42e61d3 fix: follow the zsh naming conventions for completion scripts (#5814) [skip ci]
  • 9d82e9e feat: support TablePlus application located in setapp directory (#5815) (#5816) [skip ci]
  • 03a14bb test: golangci-lint got pickier, satisfy it (#5812)
  • 2acaec4 docs: Revert "docs: temporarily revert docs on not needing --create-docroot" (#5768) [skip ci]
  • ee16949 docs: Add using current stable version to troubleshooting section (#5808) [skip ci]
  • 96dcd92 build: update .gitpod.yml for new release [skip ci]

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