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dbt 0.5.4


  • added support for custom SQL data tests
    • SQL returns 0 results --> pass
    • SQL returns > 0 results --> fail
  • dbt-core integration tests

Custom SQL data tests

Schema tests have proven to be an essential part of a modern analytical workflow. These schema tests validate basic constraints about your data. Namely: not null, unique, accepted value, and foreign key relationship properties can be asserted using schema tests.

With dbt v0.5.4, you can now write your own custom "data tests". These data tests are SQL SELECT statements that return 0 rows on success, or > 0 rows on failure. A typical data test might look like:

-- tests/assert_less_than_5_pct_event_cookie_ids_are_null.sql

-- If >= 5% of cookie_ids are null, then the test returns 1 row (failure).
-- If < 5% of cookie_ids are null, then the test returns 0 rows (success)

with calc as (

      sum(case when cookie_id is null then 1 else 0 end)::float / count(*)::float as fraction
    from {{ ref('events') }}


select * from calc where fraction < 0.05

To enable data tests, add the test-paths config to your dbt_project.yml file:

name: 'Vandelay Industries`
version: '1.0'

source-paths: ["models"]
target-path: "target"
test-paths: ["tests"]        # look for *.sql files in the "tests" directory

Any .sql file found in the test-paths director(y|ies) will be evaluated as data tests. These tests can be run with:

dbt test # run schema + data tests
dbt test --schema # run only schema tests
dbt test --data # run only data tests
dbt test --data --schema # run schema + data tests

# For more information, try
dbt test -h

DBT-core integration tests

With the dbt 0.5.4 release, dbt now features a robust integration test suite. These integration tests will help mitigate the risk of software regressions, and in so doing, will help us develop dbt more quickly. You can check out the tests here, and the test results here (linux/osx) and here (windows).

The Future

You can check out the DBT roadmap here. In the next few weeks, we'll be working on bugfixes, minor features, improved macro support, and expanded control over runtime materialization configs.

As always, feel free to reach out to us on Slack with any questions or comments!

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