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dbt 0.5.3

Bugfix release.

Fixes regressions introduced in 0.5.1 and 0.5.2.

Fixed 0.5.1 regressions

Incremental models were broken by the new column expansion feature. Column expansion is implemented as

alter table ... add column tmp_col varchar({new_size});
update ... set tmp_col = existing_col
alter table ... drop column existing_col
alter table ... rename tmp_col to existing_col

This has the side-effect of moving the existing_col to the "end" of the table. When an incremental model tries to

insert into {table} (
   select * from tmp_table

suddenly the columns in {table} are incongruent with the columns in tmp_table. This insert subsequently fails.

The fix for this issue is twofold:

  1. If the incremental model table DOES NOT already exist, avoid inserts altogether. Instead, run a create table as (...) statement
  2. If the incremental model table DOES already exist, query for the columns in the existing table and use those to build the insert statement, eg:
insert into "dbt_dbanin"."sessions" ("session_end_tstamp", "session_start_tstamp", ...)
    select "session_end_tstamp", "session_start_tstamp", ...
    from "sessions__dbt_incremental_tmp"

In this way, the source and destination columns are guaranteed to be in the same order!

Fixed 0.5.2 regressions

We attempted to refactor the way profiles work in dbt. Previously, a default user profile was loaded, and the profiles specified in dbt_project.yml or on the command line (with --profile) would be applied on top of the user config. This implementation is some of the earliest code that was committed to dbt.

As dbt has grown, we found this implementation to be a little unwieldy and hard to maintain. The 0.5.2 release made it so that only one profile could be loaded at a time. This profile needed to be specified in either dbt_project.yml or on the command line with --profile. A bug was errantly introduced during this change which broke the handling of dependency projects.

The future

The additions of automated testing and a more comprehensive manual testing process will go a long way to ensuring the future stability of dbt. We're going to get started on these tasks soon, and you can follow our progress here: .

As always, feel free to reach out to us on Slack with any questions or concerns:

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