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dbt 0.17.2

dbt 0.17.2 (July 29, 2020)

This is a bugfix release with one breaking change, which may be relevant to users of community-supported plugins.

Breaking changes (for plugins)

  • The release argument to adapter.execute_macro no longer has any effect. It will be removed in a future release of dbt, likely v0.18.0. (#2650)


  • Added environment variables for debug-level logging (#2633, #2635)


  • When using the --fast-fail option with adapters that don't support cancelling queries (e.g. BigQuery), dbt will include the original database error in its log messages (#2644, #2646)
  • dbt clean does not require a profile (#2620, #2649)
  • On Redshift, the catalog contains information for all schemas in a project, rather than just the default (#2653, #2654)
  • On Snowflake, close all connections so keepalive thread will exit (#2645, #2650)



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