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dbt 0.16.1

dbt 0.16.1 (April 14, 2020)

This is a bugfix release with no breaking changes and one net-new feature.


  • Support for appending query comments to SQL queries. (#2138, #2199) (docs)


  • dbt now renders the dbt_project.yml name config in the "base" context, giving it access to var and env_var (#2230, #2251)
  • Fix an issue with {% raw %} blocks where multiple raw blocks in the same file resulted in an error (#2241, #2252)
  • Fix a redshift-only issue that caused an error when dbt seed found a seed with an entirely empty column that was set to a varchar data type. (#2250, #2254)
  • Fix a bug where dbt plugins that used the default list_schemas and information_schema_name macros with database quoting enabled double-quoted the database name in their queries (#2267, #2281)
  • The BigQuery "partitions" config value can now be used in dbt_project.yml (#2256, #2280)
  • dbt deps no longer require a profile, but if profile-specific fields are accessed users will get an error (#2231, #2290)
  • Macro name collisions between dbt and plugins now raise an appropriate exception, instead of an AttributeError (#2288, #2293)
  • The script has been updated to support 0.16.X adapters (#2145, #2294)

Under the hood

  • Pin google libraries to higher minimum values, add more dependencies as explicit (#2233, #2249)


latest releases: v0.21.0b1, v0.20.1rc1, v0.20.0...
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