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dbt 0.12.2


This release reduces the runtime of dbt projects by improving dbt's approach to model running. Additionally, a number of workflow improvements have been added. You can find more information about dbt's new approach to model running in this blog post.



  • More intelligently order and execute nodes in the graph. This significantly speeds up the runtime of most dbt projects (#813)
  • Add -m flag as an alias for --models (#1160)
  • Add post_hook and pre_hook as aliases for post-hook and pre-hook, respectively (#1124) (docs)
  • Better handling of git errors in dbt deps + full support for Windows (#994, #778, #895)
  • Add support for specifying a location in BigQuery datasets (#969) (docs)
  • Add support for Jinja expressions using the {% do ... %} block (#1113)
  • The dbt debug command is actually useful now (#1061)
  • The config function can now be called multiple times in a model (#558)
  • Source the latest version of dbt from PyPi instead of GitHub (#1122)
  • Add a peformance profiling mechnanism to dbt (#1001)
  • Add caching for dbt's macros-only manifest to speedup parsing (#1098)


  • Fix for custom schemas used alongside the generate_schema_name macro (#801)
  • Fix for silent failure of tests that reference nonexistent models (#968)
  • Fix for generate_schema_name macros that return whitespace-padded schema names (#1074)
  • Fix for incorrect relation type for backup tables on Snowflake (#1103)
  • Fix for incorrectly cased values in the relation cache (#1140)
  • Fix for JSON decoding error on Python2 installed with Anaconda (#1155)
  • Fix for unhandled exceptions that occur in anonymous event tracking (#1180)
  • Fix for analysis files that contain raw tags (#1152)
  • Fix for packages which reference the hubsite (#1095)

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