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dbt 0.12.0

dbt 0.12.0 - Guion Bluford (November 12, 2018)


This release adds caching for some introspective queries on all adapters. Additionally, custom tags can be supplied for models, along with many other minor improvements and bugfixes.

Breaking Changes

  • Support for the repositories: block in dbt_project.yml (deprecated in 0.10.0) was removed. Use the packages.yml file instead (docs)


  • Make runs faster by caching introspective queries
  • Support model tags
  • Add a list of schemas to the on-run-end context
  • Set your profiles directory with an environment variable


  • Cache the existence of relations to speed up dbt runs (#1025)
  • Add support for tag configuration and selection (#1014)
    • Add tags to the model and graph views in the docs UI (#7)
  • Add the set of schemas that dbt built models into in the on-run-end hook context (#908)
  • Warn for unused resource config paths in dbt_project.yml (#725)
  • Add more information to the dbt --help output (#1058)
  • Add support for configuring the profiles directory with an env var (#1055)
  • Add support for cli and env vars in most dbt_project.yml and profiles.yml fields (#1033)
  • Provide a better error message when seed file loading fails on BigQuery (#1079)
  • Improved error handling and messaging on Redshift (#997)
  • Include datasets with underscores when listing BigQuery datasets (#954)
  • Forgo validating the user's profile for dbt deps and dbt clean commands (#947, #1022)
  • Don't read/parse CSV files outside of the dbt seed command (#1046)


  • Fix for incorrect model selection with the --models CLI flag when projects and directories share the same name (#1023)
  • Fix for table clustering configuration with multiple columns on BigQuery (#1013)
  • Fix for incorrect output when a single row fails validation in dbt test (#1040)
  • Fix for unwieldly Jinja errors regarding undefined variables at parse time (#1086, #1080, #935)
  • Fix for incremental models that have a line comment on the last line of the file (#1018)
  • Fix for error messages when ephemeral models fail to compile (#1053)

Under the hood

  • Create adapters as singleton objects instead of classes (#961)
  • Combine project and profile into a single, coherent object (#973)
  • Investigate approaches for providing more complete compilation output (#588)


Thanks for contributing!

Guion Bluford

Dr. Guion “Guy” Stewart Bluford Jr. is a true Philadelphian, through and through. He was born in Philadelphia, PA November 22nd, 1942 and attended Overbrook High School. He grew up in a home that encouraged academic success, which inspired him to eventually receive his Ph. D in Aerospace Engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology in 1978.

Not only an academic, Bluford flew 144 combat missions during the Vietnam War, and earned numerous medals in the process. He became the first African American in space in 1983 as a specialist for mission STS-8 aboard the space shuttle Challenger. He was inducted into the International Space Hall of Fame in 1997 and the United States Astronaut Hall of Fame in 2010.

In addition to his professional success, Bluford has been seen as a role model for many African Americans. He has been awarded the NCAAP Image Award, Ebony Black Achievement Award and the 1991 Black Engineer of the Year award, to name a few.

A family man, a war veteran, an astronaut and a role model; Guion Bluford.

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