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dbt 0.10.1

This release focuses on achieving functional parity between all of dbt's adapters. With this release, most dbt functionality should work on every adapter except where noted here.


  • Configure model schema and name quoting in your dbt_project.yml file (Docs)
  • Add a Relation object to the context to simplify model quoting Docs
  • Implement BigQuery materializations using new create table as (...) syntax, support partition by clause (Docs)
  • Override seed column types (Docs)
  • Add get_columns_in_table context function for BigQuery (Docs)


  • Consistent schema and identifier quoting (#727)
    • Configure quoting settings in the dbt_project.yml file (#742)
    • Add a Relation object to the context to make quoting consistent and simple (#742)
  • Use the new create table as (...) syntax on BigQuery (#717)
    • Support partition by clause
  • CSV Updates:
    • Use floating point as default seed column type to avoid issues with type inference (#694)
    • Provide a mechanism for overriding seed column types in the dbt_project.yml file (#708)
    • Fix seeding for files with more than 16k rows on Snowflake (#694)
    • Implement seeds using a materialization
  • Improve get_columns_in_table context function (#709)
    • Support numeric types on Redshift, Postgres
    • Support BigQuery (including nested columns in struct types)
    • Support cross-database information_schema queries for Snowflake
    • Retain column ordinal positions


  • Fix for incorrect var precendence when using --vars on the CLI (#739)
  • Fix for closed connections in on-run-end hooks for long-running dbt invocations (#693)
  • Fix: don't try to run empty hooks (#620, #693)
  • Fix: Prevent seed data from being serialized into graph.gpickle file (#720)
  • Fix: Disallow seed and model files with the same name (#737)
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