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dbt 0.10.0

dbt 0.10.0

This release overhauls dbt's package management functionality, makes seeding csv files work across all adapters, and adds date partitioning support for BigQuery.

Upgrading Instructions:

  • Check out full installation and upgrading instructions here
    • homebrew: brew upgrade dbt
    • pip: pip install -U dbt
  • Transition the repositories: section of your dbt_project.yml file to a packages.yml file as described here
  • You may need to clear out your dbt_modules directory if you use packages like dbt-utils. Depending how your project is configured, you can do this by running dbt clean.
  • We're using a new CSV parsing library, agate, so be sure to check that all of your seed tables are parsed as you would expect!


  • Support for variables defined on the CLI with --vars (#640) (docs)
  • Improvements to dbt seed (docs)
    • Support seeding csv files on all adapters (#618)
    • Make seed csv's ref()-able in models (#668)
    • Support seed file configuration (custom schemas, enabled / disabled) in the dbt_project.yml file (#561)
    • Support --full-refresh instead of --drop-existing (deprecated) for seed files (#515)
    • Add --show argument to dbt seed to display a sample of data in the CLI (#74)
  • Improvements to package management (docs)
    • Deprecated repositories: config option in favor of packages: (#542)
    • Deprecated package listing in dbt_project.yml in favor of packages.yml (#681)
    • Support stating local file paths as dependencies (#542)
  • Support date partitioning in BigQuery (#641) (docs)
  • Move schema creation to after on-run-start hooks (#652)
  • Replace csvkit dependency with agate (#598)
  • Switch snowplow endpoint to pipe directly to Fishtown Analytics (#682)


  • Throw a compilation exception if a required test macro is not present in the context (#655)
  • Make the adapter_macro use the return() function (#635)
  • Fix bug for introspective query on late binding views (redshift) (#647)
  • Disable any non-dbt log output on the CLI (#663)


Special thanks to @b-ryan for his many contributions to dbt v0.10.0, and to @realself for sponsoring our work on BigQuery date partitioning. Is there a feature on our roadmap that you’d like to sponsor? Let us know in Slack!

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