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dbt-snowflake v1.0.0rc1

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pre-release6 months ago

Tracking dbt-core v1.0.0rc1.

$ pip install dbt-snowflake==1.0.0rc1

Includes everything in b1 + b2, plus:


  • Adds option to enable retries on errors encountered by the Snowflake connector (#14)


  • When on_schema_change is set, pass common columns as dest_columns in incremental merge macros (#4144)

Under the hood

  • Add optional profile parameters for atypical local connection setups (#21, #36)
  • Adds 4 optional profile parameters for configuring retries on Snowflake errors (#14, #6)
  • Bump upper bound on snowflake-connector-python to <2.8.0 (#44)
  • Remove official support for python 3.6, which is reaching end of life on December 23, 2021 (dbt-core#4134, #38)
  • Add support for structured logging #42


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