github dbeaver/dbeaver 7.3.3

  • SQL Editor:
    - Server Output and Execution Log panels were redesigned
    - Server Output auto-show was added (configurable)
    - SQL formatting was fixed (IN clause)
    - Data editor:
    - Export in TXT (plaintext) format was improved (proper formatting added)
    - Documentation for date/time format patterns was added
    - Import from file: file selector wizard page was fixed
    - Connection editor:
    - Password field is disabled when it is not used
    - Driver selector page was redesigned
    - Driver properties editor was fixed (empty property values save)
    - MySQL:
    - GIS data types support was fixed
    - Table columns mapping was improved in data transfer
    - Oracle: dependencies information was enhanced (+dependents)
    - SAP HANA: connection editor waa enhanced (port numbers)
    - SQL Server:
    - Composite indexes metadata read was fixed
    - Database delete was improved (close other connections before delete)
    - MERGE queries support was improved (erroneous row count limit was removed)
    - Greenplum: partitions and child tables read was fixed
    - Informix: stored procedures DDL formatting was fixed
    - Spanish localization was significantly improved (thanks to @ adamantike)
    - Several minor UI bugs were fixed
latest releases: 21.2.2, 21.2.1, 21.2.0...
9 months ago