github dbeaver/dbeaver 7.3.2

  • Data editor:
    - Default column values are now shown for new rows
    - LIKE filers now add % masks automatically
    - Tabs close confirmation dialog was fixed
    - Value filter drop-down was fixed (problem with column mismatch was fixed)
    - Boolean values view is now configurable
    - Result tabs drag-n-drop behavior was fixed
    - Metadata editor:
    - Boolean values view is now configurable
    - Virtual foreign keys editor was fixed
    - Incorrect column length (zero or negative) was fixed
    - Data transfer:
    - Data type mapping was improved (better type matching)
    - Password field layout was fixed
    - Tasks editor view: collapse/expand behavior was fixed
    - Opening SQL files from shell was fixed (MacOS)
    - SAP HANA: connection settings page redesigned (thanks to @kai-morich)
    - PostgreSQL: roles DDL view was added
    - Redshift:
    - Extra data types (non-PostgreSQL) support was added
    - Strings parser was fixed (escape with backslash)
    - SQL Server: stored procedures invocation was fixed
    - Clickhouse: ALTER TABLE scripts for new columns was fixed
    - Many minor UI bugs were fixed
latest releases: 21.2.2, 21.2.1, 21.2.0...
9 months ago