github dbeaver/dbeaver 7.2.1

  • Preference pages structure was reorganized (in the standalone and plugin versions)
    - Database navigator:
    - Filters now support masks escape (_ and % characters)
    - Connection state icons were replaced and adapted to dark themes
    - SQL Editor: editor tab title now can include active database/schema name
    - MySQL: driver "MySQL 8" is now the default driver. "MySQL 5" driver can be used for older server versions.
    - Oracle: tables/views load performance was improved on some systems
    - PostgreSQL:
    - Latest PostGIS driver mapping was added
    - Geometry data types export was improved (proper SQL format + SRID)
    - Hidden databases can be loaded in the database navigater
    - CockroarchDB: role manager was fixed
    - DB2: runstats utility support was fixed (wrong syntax)
    - SQL Server: extra T-SQL dialect keywords were added
    - CUBRID driver configuration was fixed
    - Several UI freeze issues were fixed (deadlocks)
    - Import from CSV/XLSX:
    - Wrong rows can be skipped (with disabled "Batch import" option)
    - Import parameters documentation was updated
    - Several minor bugs were fixed (NPE and UI glitches)
latest releases: 21.2.2, 21.2.1, 21.2.0...
13 months ago