github dbeaver/dbeaver 7.1.0

It has been hard quarantine time. But we haven’t stopped development process.

            And now, it’s time for the new minor release 7.1.0.
            Thank you to our new and old contributors. Stay well and healthy!

            - Database navigator:
                - Statistics view (table sizes) was added
                - Connection coloring was redesigned
                - Connection host name tip was added
            - Data viewer:
                - Ref cursor panel viewer was added
                - Columns sort settings save/load was added
                - Data export in HTML format was fixed (styles)
            - SQL editor:
                - Function call formatting was improved
                - Table alias generation was fixed (for unicode/numeric table names)
            - PostgreSQL:
                - Ref cursors refresh support was added
                - Table and schema statistics was added
                - Table comment and rules were added to DDL
            - Oracle:
                - Metadata search was fixed
                - Java source read was fixed
            - ODBC driver download was fixed
            - Exasol: metadata edit dialogs were redesigned
            - Clickhouse: table statistics was added
            - Firebird: view editor was fixed
            - Plain HTTP driver repositories (Maven or direct links) were replaced or removed
            - Big number of minor UI and database-specific bugs were fixed
latest releases: 21.2.2, 21.2.1, 21.2.0...
16 months ago