github dbeaver/dbeaver 21.1.4

  • Data transfer:
    - Multi-row insert support was added
    - Data transfer performance significantly improved
    - Unnecessary commit/rollback in source connection were removed
    - Table/column name case conversion was fixed
    - Ambiguous column name mapping was fixed
    - Data viewer:
    - Data filter for enum data types was fixed
    - Data edit support for queries with joins
    - Row insert with default values support was added
    - Timestamp value render: timezone configuration was added
    - Value transformers: save last transformer configuration
    - Cell color highlight add/reset was fixed
    - Data refresh was fixed in multi-row record mode
    - MySQL:
    - TLS 1.0 and 1.1 support added
    - User password change was fixed
    - PostgreSQL:
    - Bit string editor was fixed
    - PG 13 backup/restore support was added
    - Column rename DDL was fixed
    - INSERT queries for OID data types were fixed
    - Composite data type edit was fixed
    - SQL Server: active schema selector was fixed
    - Several minor UI bugs were fixed
latest releases: 21.2.3, 21.2.2, 21.2.1...
2 months ago