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V5.1.0 - Memory Improvement, Jupyter Support, Hierarchical Exceptions

latest releases: V5.2.2, V5.2.1, V5.2.0...
12 months ago

New Suggested Usage

with TikTokApi() as api:

Although old way of TikTokApi() works as well.


  • Now all derived from TikTokException
  • Some naming changes

Jupyter Support

Improved Models

  • Throws an error if a sound has been removed
  • Video has a create_time & stats attribute (should probably add stats field to other models)

Current Problems

  • Hashtag.videos
  • Trending.videos
  • User.videos
  • All seem to be related to new TikTok changes I made #861 to discuss

pytest output

tests\ F..
tests\ F
tests\ ..
tests\ ..
tests\ F
tests\ .F.
tests\ ...

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