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V5.0.0 - Higher Level Object Modeling

latest releases: V5.2.2, V5.2.1, V5.2.0...
13 months ago


  • Please read the upgrading from V4 to V5 section on the readme
    • Higher level approach using objects
    • Auto-parsing of attributes and responses back into objects
    • Should be easier to work with (especially for new-comers not as familiar with this package)
  • dropped support for selenium (sorry but it's been too annoying to main multiple browsers)

Main PR

If this broke your code please pin your dependency versions

V5 Example Usage

from TikTokApi import TikTokApi

verify_fp = "verify_xxx"
api = TikTokApi(custom_verify_fp=verify_fp)

tag = api.hashtag(name="funny")

for video in tag.videos():
    for u_vid in

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