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V4.0.2 - Fix Methods With x-tt-params

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18 months ago

It appears that most of the methods have been fixed :). Big shout out to @MuffinFox for #699 and to @carcabot who found the new updated signature methods (and for the code I've used in the past). Thanks to everyone who helped on #695

Finally, if you're reading this thank you for supporting this API.

Update with pip install TikTokApi --upgrade

Kinda Broken :\

  • by_trending -> only retrieves the first page of trending which TikTok then responds hasMore: False which makes the code exit. Not sure how to get around this right now

Intermittent Issues

  • by_hashtag -> sometimes throws error saying it doesn't exist

Methods Still Not Currently Working

  • get_suggested_users_by_id / get_suggested_hashtags_by_id / get_suggested_music_by_id
  • discover_hashtags / discover_music

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