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V4.0.0 - Fixed downloading videos, improved detection masking, deprecated camel case methods

latest releases: V5.2.2, V5.2.1, V5.2.0...
20 months ago
  • Fix downloading tiktoks
  • Fully deprecate old naming convention
  • Convert did to device_id to be consistent with current state of the website
  • Avoid detection further by comparing headers to my iOS device's


pip install TikTokApi --upgrade

How to update from V3 to V4

  1. Replace all camel case functions with snake case)
    Ex: getUserObject -> get_user_object
  2. Change custom_did to custom_device_id
    This change better reflects what's going on in the frontend.
  3. Change trending -> by_trending

Sorry for kinda neglecting this repository, hope you enjoy these changes. All tests passed at least once across the different testing VMs, I really gotta find a better way to test this, let me know if you know of a better way thanks :)

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